Trendstone Retaining Wall system creates a contemporary or a classic atmoshere in any domestic or commercial application. This destinctive Retaining Wall system is easy to install and delivers a stunning look for any situation. The blocks can be used to build straight or curved walls and steps. Trendstone is a absolute vertical wall and comes in three plain and two blended colours. The corner blocks can be utilised to create piers as well.

Do it yourself – 8 steps to laying


  1. Base preparation –
    Start by digging a trench approximately 600mm wide and 250mm of road base. 150mm for walls up to 1m. Extra thickness is required for high walls. See engineer’s design. Compact road base well.
  2. Sand Base –
    Cover road base with approximately 25mm of sharp sand or crushed blue metal. Screed to a true level. Starting from the lowest point if the wall is stepping up.
  3. Laying 1st course –
    Place unit onto base. It is essential that this first course of units is placed accurately to line and level using a spirit level. For walls up to 1 metre high, make sure 100mm of the first block course is below the finished ground level. Allow 200mm for walls over 1 metre high and 300mm for walls over 2 metres high. (Compact gravel along top of the wall units to stabilise.)
  4. Guide member placement –
    Place guide members in groove with facing upward and forward. There are some instances where the guide members are left out when the wall begins to curve. This is only the case for one or two guide members in each course. It is important that all other guide members are in place.
  5. Drainage & back fill –
    Place a PVC Ag-pipe with a geotextile sock behind the wall. Pipe to have a 1 in 100 fall. Back fill behind the wall 200-300mm using 10-20mm clean, free draining material. High compaction must be achieved on back fill material. Fill each unit’s core with the same free- draining material. Do not use soft or wet clay as back fill material.
  6. Placing geogrid & additional courses –
    Clean top of unit from debris to ensure that the next unit and/or the geogrid will sit neatly. Geogrid is to be rolled perpendicular to the wall, pulled tight and cut to the required length. Make sure geogrid sits within 15mm of the face of the block, and also make sure that lock pins clip into the geogrid. Lay the next course on top of the geogrid. Continue laying the subsequent courses following the same procedure as the first course. Place each course in running bond with course below using locating pointer (see fig.3 to keep in bond). Maintain high compaction rate on back fill material.
  7. Laying capping units –
    Fit the Trendstone capping units once the back filling and cleaning is complete. For domestic wall installations, a waterproof construction adhesive is recommended. For high use areas, a 2-part epoxy is preferred.
  8. Surface drainage layer –
    Care should be take where possible to divert water away from the face of the wall. If the surface water cannot be taken away from the top of the wall, place a 100-150mm clay (or similar) impermeable layer on top of the wall fill (see fig.2). If soil is used on top of the wall, a layer of geotextile must be used to stop any soul filtering down through the drainage layer

Trendstone Cap 400L x 65H x 255D

  • Weight: 14.00kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 400mm x 255mm x 65mm
  • Max Height: 1,000mm
  • lm Price: $14.55
  • No. per lm: 2.5
  • Qty per Pallet: 120
  • Free Delivery: 2 full pallets and over (Conditions Apply)
  • Material: Masonry
  • Profile: Straight
  • Suitable: Curved walls, Straight walls, high retaining walls, Steps, Corners, split face, vertical faced wall, garden bed
  • Product Code: N4735
  • Availability: Available
  • $5.82 each

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Please note - Whilst all care has been taken to provide you with a good indication of colour, you should always sight product samples before use, due to natural variations in Colours & Sizes. Products may vary from image provided.

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