Delivery Information

Your local Nuway Landscape Supplies yard offers a massive range of landscaping materials with a variety of delivery methods and lead times. 

Bulk Materials (Sand, Soil, Gravel, Mulch, etc) are generally held in stock at each yard and will therefore generally be available for delivery on our own tip trucks (small 3.5T to 4.2T or large 8T trucks) either same day or next depending on how heavily booked we are at the time. 

If timing is critical, we can book you in for a specific time with a one hour window for flexibility to allow for potential traffic and site delays.  To ensure you get the spot you want, please book a few days ahead where possible.

We can also combine loads (e.g. One mulch and one soil on the same truck – this is called a “split load”, or sand with bags of cement, or concrete blend, mesh and retaining wall blocks etc) for a nominal fee. 

Please discuss with the friendly Nuway staff at your local store to ensure all logistical requirements for your order can be met and establish all associated fees if applicable. 

Delivery costs are charged as follows:

-          Each store has its own set rate for each nearby suburb 7 days a week, with a flat fee per truck load depending on travel time, tolls and accessibility from that store.  We encourage you to use the store which has the lowest delivery cost for the job site you have in mind.  Generally this will be the closest store to your job site.

-          There is a “Split Delivery Fee” of $8 inc GST for putting 2 “Bin Products” (products like sand, soil, gravel, etc that are stored in our bulk material bins) on the one truck

-          There is a handling fee charged for hand unloading most products (although we do not charge handling fees for bags of cement when delivered with sand).  The fees will be determined by your local store depending on the amount of manual work and number of drivers required for your delivery. 

-          If the job is too big or unsafe for a hand unload, we can hire crane truck contractors for low, pre-negotiated fees.  Otherwise you are welcome to arrange your own transport if you prefer.

-          On Public Holidays (we are open most but not all public holidays) a $25 surcharge per delivery will apply.


Pavers, Blocks and Turf

may also be delivered direct from our suppliers’ factories or warehouses to your site.  Factory Direct deliveries are often more cost effective than having products delivered out of our yard as they are a great way of avoiding double handling.  Some manufacturers offer free delivery for orders over 2 full pallets or over 3 tonne or other criteria.  Others charge a flat rate per delivery, or for each pallet or by the square metre.  There is a full description of delivery charges and conditions listed on the price list for each of our suppliers – all available to download from our website.

-          Lead times:

o   Turf: order by lunchtime for delivery next day.  The afternoon of the day before your delivery, our supplier will SMS an approximate delivery timeframe to you.

o   Pavers & Blocks – Stocked at Factory: where pavers are held in stock by our suppliers (e.g. most Adbri, Boral, Claypave or National Masonry products), deliveries ordered before lunchtime will generally be delivered the next day to most local areas.

Pavers & Blocks – Made to Order: where pavers or blocks need to be made to order (e.g. Edenstone, Custom Paving and some specific products made by other suppliers), the lead time could be at least 1 or 2 weeks in general but may be longer at peak supply periods (typically Easter and Spring tend to be busy and therefore incur longer delays and manufacturers are often closed around Christmas and New Year).  Bear in mind that even if a concrete paver is made today, it will need at least one, preferably 2 weeks to cure before it reaches close to full strength.  If in doubt, we can check lead times with the supplier in advance.