Nuway Winter Catalogue SAVE TIME, BUY ONLINE! Ashmore • Burpengary • Chandler • Forestdale 8 Great Locations Eco Bark Mulch Eco Potting Mix Bags 25L 5 Star Gold Label Soil Eco Bark Mulch is a rich dark surface mulch and is an excellent cost effective alternative to bark mulches. It ‘suppresses’ weed growth when laid 100mm thick and also retains moisture, improves soil fertility and enhances the appearance of flower beds. Special price applies for 1m 3 and over. Not available at Burpengary. *Plus Delivery. Eco Potting Mix contains a unique blend of composted organic materials, essential drainage components, lime, dolomite, iron, nitrogen and natural trace elements. Our product is prepared under strict quality control measures in keeping with Australian Standards and NIASA Best Practice to ensure ongoing consistency. Top shelf 5 Star Gold Label Soil. This organic haven for your precious plants is a scientifically balanced blend of washed horticultural ash, highest quality aged organic compost, cow manure, loamy top soil and selectively graded and washed sand for ideal drainage for a broad spectrum of plants. Not available at Ashmore or Burpengary. Special price applies for 1m 3 and over. *Plus Delivery. Balmoral Blocks Balmoral retaining wall blocks feature a rough-hewn finish to the front face, giving your retaining walls a strikingly natural, rockface appeal. Size – 295Lx203Dx130H $101.14m 2 . Available in Cream & Charcoal colours. *Free Delivery, Conditions Apply. Snow White Chip 10-30mm 20kg Tumbled White Quartz Pebble. Has a natural reflective fleck. Perfect product to brighten up any outdoor/indoor space. Nu-Pave Pavers From patios to small pathways to large common areas. Nu-Pave transforms your curb appeal from dull to inviting. They create a timeless look that never goes out of style. These pavers will transform your entertainment area from ordinary to extraordinary. Colours available Charcoal, Latte, Beige and Saffron. Size – 400x400x40mm. $6.94ea. *Plus Delivery. NOW $ 3.89 ea WAS $ 4.83 ea NOW $ 48.90 m 3 WAS $ 69.90 m 3 NOW $ 105.90 m 3 WAS $ 110.90 m 3 NOW $ 14.95 ea WAS $ 15.95 ea NOW $ 43.39 m 2 WAS $ 47.50 m 2 NOW AT FRESH SAVINGS WINTER NUWAY Save 19% Save 30% Save 14% Brian, just look at all these Nuway Fresh Winter Savings Save up to 30% Save $1.00 each Save $4.11 m 2 Save $5.00 m 3 $ 9.00 $ 5.19 ea ONLY OR 2 FOR