Nuway Autumn Catalogue Organic sugar cane mulch is made from dried sugar cane leaves and tops that are screened to eliminate dirt and dust. It is the cleanest cane mulch on the market with the benefit of soil insulation and moisture retention for healthy garden beds. Covers 10m 2 at 40mm thick. Tumbled Black Limestone Pavers will give you that natural, soft and aged feel that no other product can deliver. These pavers are perfect for pathways, patios, and swimming pool surrounds $8.79ea. Also available 600x400x30mm was $64.95m 2 now $59.95m 2 save $5.00m 2 * Plus Delivery. Limestone Black 400x400x30mm Sugar Cane Bagged Mulch Snow White Pebble 20-30mm 20kg Tumbled White Quartz Pebble. Has a natural reflective fleck. Perfect product to brighten up any outdoor/indoor space. Size 20-30mm. SAVE TIME, BUY ONLINE! Ashmore • Burpengary • Chandler • Forestdale 8 Great Locations NOW $ 17.95 ea WAS $ 19.95 ea NOW $ 54.95 m 2 WAS $ 64.95 m 2 SAVE $2.00 each SAVE $2.40 each TO TRANSFORM THIS AUTUMN YOUR GARDEN NUWAY THE $ 11.95 ea WAS $ 14.35 ea NOW SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE GOT UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED THIS MORNING AHHH!!! SAVE 30% up to WAS NOW $ X.X ea WAS $ X.X ea Balmoral retaining wall blocks feature a rough-hewn finish to the front face, giving your retaining walls a strikingly natural, rockface appeal. Size – 295Lx203Dx130H $101.14m 2 . Available in Cream & Charcoal colours. *Free Delivery, Conditions Apply. Balmoral Blocks N $ 3.89 ea WAS $ 4.83 ea SAVE 19% SAVE 15%