Most people want a lawn that they can simply mow, fertise once or twice a yeay and still have it looking great all the time.
Palmetto Buffalo turf provides all of the above with minimal fuss. Unlike other buffalo lawns have a rough surface, Palmetto
has a very soft leaf, perfect for your kids to play on. Even though Palmetto is not as hard wearing as other Buffalos it has a good growth
accross the ground Palmetto is perfect for commercial areas, as well as yuour family backyard.
Having a deep root system also makes Palmetto the perfect pick for large areas as it is more water effcient and drought resistant.

High Quality

Palmetto is a lawn that has outstanding winter colour, on average it has 75.5% better colour than other buffalo grass types.
Also being able to thrive in full sun Palmetto will continue to grow in shaded areas where other grasses my fail, only needing
between 2-4 hours of direct sunlight. Unlike other buffalo grasses that grow rapidly, Palmetto tends to have a slower upward leaf growth
and is believed to be the only Australia Buffalo grass on the market that does this. If this doesnt appeal to you the fact that Palmetto is a low
allerergenic grass might. In a fullyear trail at Richond,Palmetto has an average of 40% less seed head than other buffalo varieties.



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Palmetto Turf Direct

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