Blue Marble pavers and tiles are characterised by a beautiful blend of blue and grey tones, combined with a honed surface and tumbled edges. This product will add a chic, sophisticated and pleasantly different look to any outdoor area.

French Pattern 30mm is sold in sets only. Each set is 0.743m2 or 1.35 sets per m2. Each set includes:

  • 2 x 406x406mm
  • 1 x 610x406mm
  • 1 x 406x203mm
  • 2 x 203x203mm


This product may become slippery when wet. For residential buildings, the Australian Building Code and Australian Standards mandate slip rated flooring for stair nosings, stair landings and ramps. Argento Marble pavers have been independently slip tested (wet pendulum method) and have been classified P2 (34), and as such are not suitable for stairs, ramps or pool surrounds.

We recommend sealing our Natural Stone products. Consult your local Nuway store for available products.


Material Consideration – PLEASE READ PRIOR TO PURCHASE

Due to the nature of natural stone, it is expected that products will vary in appearance, colour, texture, grain, shape, size and markings. No two pavers or tiles will be the same, and that is what provides the beauty of natural stone products. It is a good idea to blend tiles / pavers from all crates prior to laying. Products have an acceptable size tolerance of up to +/- 2mm, so it is important to arrange pavers by thickness and incorporate a grout space when laying. Small amounts of chipping as well as natural marks are considered acceptable in natural stone products. It is the responsibility of the user to inspect the tiles / pavers prior to laying as claims will not be honoured after products have been installed. Excessive chipping, cracks or size variation may be eligible for claim. We recommend sealing all pavers and tiles.


Please note: The following guide is just a suggestion for laying methods and due to size constraints does not include detailed instructions for every step of the process. Further advise should be sought before laying alternatively engage a professional tiler / landscaper to complete the work.

Concrete Foundation Method

Pedestrian traffic – 75mm reinforced concrete (seek engineer’s advice for slab design and expansion joints)

Vehicle traffic – 100mm reinforced concrete (seek engineer’s advice for slab design and expansion joints)


  1. Clean and dampen concrete base
  2. Option 1 (30mm pavers)– use a slurry and mortar mix to adhere pavers
    • Apply slurry mix (Cement, water and bonding agent mixed together into a workable paste) to the concrete slab in an even coat (1-2mm thick)
    • Place mortar bed (4 parts sand: 1 part GP cement) on top of slurry at 20mm thick with no voids.
    • Place slurry mix (1-2mm) to the underneath of paver.
  3. Option 2 (15mm – 30mm pavers /tiles) – use a cement based flexible tile adhesive.
    • Apply tile adhesive to concrete slab using a 10-12mm notched trowel.
    • Ensure the underneath of pavers are wet before laying on adhesive.
  4. Tap pavers /tiles down to desired level. Leave a 3-7mm grout spacing.
  5. Clean away excess glue / mortar with a sponge and water.
  6. Grout with an appropriate cement base grout.

Compacted Road Base Method

Pedestrian traffic – 75mm compacted road base (preferably stabilised) and 25mm compacted paver bedding sand 

Vehicle traffic (concrete foundation method is still recommended) - For pavers less than 200x200 only – 100mm stabilised compacted road base and 25mm stabilised paver bedding sand


  1. Remove all excess vegetation, soil, debris from area, excavate to desire depth
  2. Compacted road base with compacting plate to recommended depth.
  3. Screed paver bedding sand to desired height (max 35mm)
  4. Lay pavers and tap down level with rubber mallet. Leave a 3-5mm grout spacing.
  5. Sweep in joint filling sand. Further compaction / levelling can be achieved by using a compacting plate with a carpet attached to underneath the plate. It is also a good idea to leave additional joint filling sand on top of the pavers when compacting.


Clean pavers prior to sealing to remove any dirt or grout residue.

  1. Wet down pavers / tiles
  2. Note: For Granite Only - Mix hydrochloric acid (1 part) with water (20 parts). Please note hydrochloric acid is a very corrosive and dangerous chemical, seek professional help with this chemical if unsure about usage.
  3. Gently brush the surface with a stiff broom or scrubber.
  4. Wash surface thoroughly (it is also a good idea to neutralise the acid with an alkaline base product (e.g. detergent)


It is high recommended that all pavers are sealed with a penetrating sealer to protect from strains and weathering. Please consult with staff as to different sealant options.

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Blue Marble Tumble French Pattern Paver 30mm

  • Weight: 62.36kg
  • RRP m2 Price: $84.95 $81.00
  • No. per m2: 1.35
  • Qty per Pallet: 22
  • Material: Natural Stone
  • Suitable: Patio, Court Yards, steppers
  • Product Code: N6982
  • Availability: Available
  • $62.93 $60.00 a set

Please note - Whilst all care has been taken to provide you with a good indication of colour, you should always sight product samples before use, due to natural variations in Colours & Sizes. Products may vary from image provided.