From patios to pathway, the Esplande range of pavers is the perfect choice. This sqaure format paver with bevelled edges is a simple and timeless paving system for all projects large and small.

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Basic guide to laying pavers

Prepare the site

Place screed rails on road base and spread bedding Sand roughly between and over the rails – keep the rails.

The easiest way to screed Sand is to use two guides (screed rails) and a screeding board (e.g. a flat piece of timber). Establish bedding tracks with the screeding board.


Add the bedding Sand

Excavate the area to be paved to allow for the base layer (generally 100 -150mm thick of road base), bedding Sand (generally 30mm thick coarse washed river Sand) and the paver thickness. Establish falls and level using a spirit level on the screed board. Spread the road base to an even thickness and compact using a mechanical plate compactor.


Level the surface

Bed the screed rails into the bedding sand. Drag the screeding board in a sawing motion from side to side across the rails to create a firm, flat laying surface. Remove the rails, fill in the voids with bedding Sand and trowel smooth.


Set the lines

Set string lines at right angles to establish paving lines. These will help keep the joints straight for that truly professional look.


Begin the laying process

Start laying along the longest straight edge of the designated area and lay whole pavers first. Leave 3-5mm between pavers to allow for jointing Sand (unless the pavers have nibs).


Cut Pavers

Cut and position part-pavers if the job requires them. Edge restraints prevent the pavers from moving.


Fill the joints

Sweep jointing Sand over the finished dry paving, ensuring that all joints are full.


Sand filled joints

Pavers 50mm thick or greater surface to be plate compacted. Always remember to use a rubber mat or carpet beneath the plate compactor to prevent damage to the pavers. Pavers 40mm thick or less – surface to be hand compacted with a rubber mallet








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Esplanade 400

  • Weight: 14.20kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 400mm x 400mm x 42mm
  • RRP m2 Price: $40.75 $34.25
  • No. per m2: 6.25
  • Qty per Pallet: 108
  • Free Delivery: 2 full pallets and over (Conditions Apply)
  • Material: Masonry
  • Suitable: Court Yards, pathways, patio
  • Product Code: N5354
  • Availability: Available
  • $6.52
  • $5.48 each

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